The Poisoned Forest is a starter adventure for Dungeons&Dragons 5th Edition. It is designed to be played by 2 novice players and a dungeon master. The campaign is designed to be played with two druid characters and will takes them from level 1 to level 3.

The Hook

PCs are two novice druids in a small community of druids in a grove on the edge of the High Forest in Faerûn. They are asked by their Archdruid to investigate disturbances that have been reported a week’s travel north into the High Forest. Reports are sketchy but include trees dying back even though it is still midwinter, no insects or birds, and ‘rivers running red with blood’.


The root cause of the water pollution, tree dieback and animal deaths, is mining. The mining is being done by an evil mage, digging for a lost treasure/forgotten evil. The mage is accompanied by his minions (kobolds? gnolls?) and has enslaved forest residents to work in the mine.

Side Quests

Several side quests will allow the PCs to gain experience and useful artefacts. These include:


The PCs learn of a trapped magical beast/being (unicorn?) that they can help set free.


The PCs learn of outsiders coming into the wood to illegally log and trap and must drive them out.

Dungeon Crawl

The PCs happen across an abandoned temple/tomb and discover an ancient secret.

Raiding Party

The PCs help villagers/forest residents defend against a raiding party, coming to find more workers for the mine.

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